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Pacer Awarded Verve Energy's East Rill Tower Replacement Project

Pacer Corporation Pty Ltd (“Pacer”), a subsidiary of Resource Development Group Ltd (“RDG”), has been appointed by Verve Energy to provide their services for the East Rill Tower Replacement Project in Western Australia.

Pacer have been contracted to complete the necessary detailed engineering design and shop fabrication drawings for the new Rill Tower and provide further project specific expertise during the tendering and construction phases of the works, to be located at Verve Energy’s Kwinana Power Station.

“Currently, a coal receival facility exists at the Kwinana power station, consisting of a train unloading facility and a series of conveyors transferring coal onto a stockpile through an existing Rill Tower. Verve Energy plan to replace the east Rill Tower and Pacer is pleased to have the opportunity to assist Verve Energy, the state’s largest energy provider,” said Adrian McCauley, Managing Director of Pacer.

Verve Energy owns and operates major power stations and renewable energy systems across the state. According to Verve Energy’s published information, they have a generation capacity of 2967MW and produce 10,000GWh of electricity per year. This equates to around 60% of all the electricity in the West Australian market.

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